Monday, January 22, 2018  
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Cotton AWP/LDP                 01/19 11:31

Next week's LDP (POP) rate will be based on this week's five day average
AWP, plus or minus any change in the adjustment factor or any use of the
Secretary's discretionary authority.  The following table shows how this
week's "A" index prices may affect next week's Marketing Loan Gain.

                  Crnt  Forwrd           Trans                  Count   Count
                 5 Low   5 Low      US       &           Mktg     Adj     Adj
                  (FE)    (FE)     Low    Qual           Loan    2010    2011
    Date        Quotes  Quotes   Quote     Adj     AWP  Gain*  Crop**  Crop**
Fri,  Jan-19-18 92.25     NA    92.25   17.05   75.20   0.00    0.42    0.57
Mon,  Jan-22-18
Tue,  Jan-23-18
Wed,  Jan-24-18
Thu,  Jan-25-18
Average Week
to date         92.25     NA    92.25   17.05   75.20   0.00    0.42    0.57
In Effect
1-19 to 1-25    91.50     NA    91.50   17.05   74.45   0.00    0.42    0.57

* No Step 1 action.
**Fine Count Adjustment cannot be less than zero.
NA = not available.
NA** = Not announced due to government shutdown.

See the Cotton/Rice Archives Segment for Detailed Reports on Supply,Demand,Use

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